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Artificial Intelligence How it works?
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Introducing Salesforce Research’s Einstein AI 

Salesforce Einstein is the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It aims to give sales and marketing departments better, and more up to date insights into customers and prospects. Read on to discover how Salesforce Einstein’s suite of Artificial Intelligence tools can help your customers and your business.

Einstein has been developed as part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. The addition of their machine learning and deep learning analytics helps businesses predict where a potential customer is in the sales cycle and which communication channels they will respond best to. This should ultimately help increase conversions.

How it works?

Einstein Object Detection Einstein’s object detection allows developers to train models to recognise and count objects within an image so it can detect and report on details such as the size and location of each object.

Einstein Image Classification This tool enables users to recognise and classify images. Businesses can apply these insights to help them better understand their customers, predict how they’ll behave and to inform their decision making.

General Classifier This model can classify thousands of unique objects within any image and perform single label classifications. It’s ideal for detecting the presence of at least one object that it’s been previously trained to recognise.

Science Classifier This scene classifier can identify 74 different indoor and outdoor scenes. One of its many uses is to identify correlations between your product and the environment it’s found in.

Food Classifier This classifier can identity over 500 different foods. It’s a great tool for cooking or diet-focused applications.

Multi-label Classifier This model can classify over 100 unique items. It works on the same principle as the general classifier but can detect the presence of multiple objects that it’s been trained to identify.

Additional tools in the Einstein Language

Einstein Intent This customisable service helps identify the intended meaning in a body of text. Businesses can use this tool to get valuable insights into which products or services their customers are interested in by analysing text in emails, web forms, or chat platforms. This information can then be used to direct the right leads to the right sales personnel, to target communications to specific people or groups or to streamline customer service processes.

Einstein Sentiment This model analyses sentiment within a text to ascertain if it is positive,  negative or neutral. Einstein Sentiment is a great tool for analysing social media posts or comment threads so you can get insights into how people are engaging with a campaign or how a piece of content is being received.

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