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How Salesforce can help grow your business?

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How Salesforce can help grow your business

Building and maintaining strong customer relationships is vital for the success of your business. So, how can you use your CRM to improve your interactions and gain valuable insights into your customers and marketplace? Read on for tips on how a well-managed Salesforce CRM can help grow your business. 

Find and convert new customers 

What’s the smartest thing to do once you’ve identified a prospective customer? Get talking to them as soon as possible, of course! By connecting all your lead generation and marketing tools to your CRM you can make sure the hottest leads get to your sales team quickly, and that they have as much information about the prospect as possible. Salesforce has designed their CRM to make it as easy as possible to integrate all of your marketing channels so you can get a 360 degree view of how your campaigns and other marketing activities are performing. For example, by connecting your email marketing and social media platforms to your CRM, sales can get a full view of how each prospect has engaged with your business so far. If they’ve visited a webpage a few times, why not use that product or service to start a discussion about how your business might help them? Though, naturally, you don’t want to mention that you’ve been checking them out! 

By getting a complete view of your prospects you can target campaigns better and have more meaningful sales conversations that are far more likely to convert. 

Build relationships and increase client retention

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one. So why not use your CRM to help keep those customers coming back for more? By segmenting your data well, based on behaviours and interests, you can identify opportunities to improve customer retention and target those people accordingly. These activities could include: 

  1. Offering up-sell or cross-sell opportunities based on their previous activity. 
  2. Sending targeted newsletters based on their interests. 
  3. Inviting prospects to exclusive events or product launches. 
  4. Identify opportunities for referrals, reviews or recommendations. 

Loyal customers are gold dust to brands and can become advocates. If you use your CRM to really get to know your audience and find out what matters most to them, your business will reap the rewards. 

Increase productivity and streamline processes

A well-managed CRM can save time and improve productivity across the whole of your business. It can help you: 

  1. Find the correct customer information quickly and easily so you can spend more time talking to your customers and less time doing unnecessary admin. 
  2. Manage multiple contacts within a business to help you reach the right person with the right information. 
  3. Time your calls and communications to get the best response. For example, scheduling sales calls when you know next year’s budgets are being reviewed or a subscription is due for renewal. 
  4. Set up reminders for follow-up calls or for special days such as a client’s birthday (remembering the importance of building those relationships!). 
  5. Segment customers by persona, buying cycles or whatever metrics are relevant to your business, so you can target communications better. 
  6. Set up and send marketing campaigns, analyse results and identify opportunities for remarketing. 

Deliver better customer service

No matter how much your customers love your product, they aren’t likely to stick around if you don’t provide great customer service. Use your Salesforce CRM to keep track of every touchpoint you have with your customer; their purchase history, the newsletter links they clicked on and the outcome of any calls. Your whole team can benefit from these insights and deliver better customer service right across your business. Sales can identify opportunities for up or cross-sell, marketing can reach out with special offers, finance (and sales) will have visibility of any payment issues that might require a sensitive approach and you can all make sure your communications are unified and that the customer is made to feel like you know them and that they are valued.

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